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What is cool business news?

We think of cool business news of companies that went through a long and hard cycle to grow and to achieve their goals. Companies that are worth investing in are those who accelerate growth and are moving mountains. Lets face it, with some companies like Facebook or Google the story itself is amazing. Business, innovation, success and strong investments at its best.

Startups or Established companies?

When we are looking for news or for companies to invest in we look to all kind of companies. Startups often are rapidly growing and established companies are fighting against the new fast movers. Ones in a while you walk in to a great story about a company that has something of both, at one side they are an established company but on the other side the time is pushing them to rapidly change to keep growing.

A great post about investing in companies has also been written by the Tradeacadamy.com

Its always a challenge to find a good story, hot news or a great investment or tutorial about it.
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